American Domestic Terrorist Enemy List

American Domestic Terrorist Enemy List of those attacking Patriots, Liberty, the Constitution and Rule of Common Law in our Republic

It has come time to speak truth and facts in the face of lies, "political correctness" and the destruction of liberty in America, and the world. We are in a war against evil in high places... a spiritual wickedness in leadership across the American continent, and across the world. The American people have been soundly asleep since WWII, but began their slumber prior to the so-called "civil" war, when government began its stranglehold around the necks of a free people.

Human leadership is failing the simplest of tests in life... that of how to treat another human being, and how to serve others. Greed, power-hunger and people-control are the signs of a depraved mentality that has sold itself to the god of this world.

****Click on THIS link to to see who the "terrorist" name as being "domestic terrorist" (you are likely on it) and to understand what the below potentially REAL domestic terrorists are saying about TRUE PATRIOTS in America who love and defend the Constitution and Common Law!

Below is the official list to date of all those who are potentially domestic terrorists within America and should be treated with extreme caution, and EXPOSED for what they are when it comes to our rights, liberties, freedoms, and how they misuse the laws and their office positions against We, the People. Eternal vigilance is required by the People to determine whether a fellow so-called "American" is a domestic terrorist and threat to us, or not. If you know of other groups that should be on this list, please contact us at the email address below and we will add them.

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Potential Domestic Terrorists:

To all those potential terrorists listed below, please keep in mind that "if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear." If you keep your oath of office, you are not an enemy of the People. If you oppress the People, and support lawlessness, violate the Constitutions, or in any other way, promote illegal or perverted actions, you ARE an enemy of the People of these united States of America, the Republic.

    UPDATED 1-23-21

  1. Anyone involved with 2020, (or any), election fraud collusion with domestic and foreign agents and enemies.
  2. Any member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who went along with the 2020 election fraud crime.
  3. Any politician who knowingly went along with or promoted this 2020 election fraud crime.
  4. Anyone knowingly pushing harmful RNA Covid, DNA changing, transhumanism vaccines dealing with the covid19 fraud, or any virus fraud.
  5. Any member of the criminal propaganda media broadcasting hate speech and condemnation of patriots or promoting changes to the Constitution.
  6. Any social media corporations that willfully and wantonly interfered with the elections, free speech or suppressed free speech.
  7. Anyone involved with Antifa or BLM tyranny and unlawful activities of any kind.
  8. Anyone involved with the deception regarding the corporate United States created to enslave Americans once again.
  9. All those living within our borders who violently riot, and attempt to subvert our Republican form of government, such as those who have been resisting our new President being in office, attempting to stop the inauguration, attempting to impeach, destroying property and essentially being insurrectionists. These people are traitors and should be arrested, tried, stripped of their citizenship and deported. Don't like our laws and Constitution? LEAVE, or we will help you out...
  10. Anyone violating their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitutions of this Republic
  11. Anyone who exercises authority using the color of law, and not the dejure laws themselves, as their basis for actions
  12. Congresspersons who ignore Constitutional and Common law
  13. Senators who ignore Constitutional and Common law
  14. Presidents who ignore Constitutional and Common law
  15. U.S. Attorneys General who ignores Constitutional and Common law
  16. Any employee of the Federal, State or Local governments who knowingly or unknowingly violate the Constitutions (State or federal) and break the common law or condone the same
  17. Police officers who ignore Constitutional and Common law
  18. Sheriffs and deputies who ignore Constitutional and Common law
  19. Local Boards of County Commissioners who ignore Constitutional and Common law
  20. Local County attorneys who ignore Constitutional and Common law
  21. Local or State District Attorneys who ignore Constitutional and Common law
  22. Governors of the several States who ignore Constitutional and Common law
  23. State Attorney's General who ignore Constitutional and Common law
  24. State elected officials who ignore Constitutional and Common law
  25. Anyone who deviates from the Constitution and Common Law
  26. Any court judge who subverts the law and rights of the People
  27. Any court official who subverts the law and rights of the People
  28. Anyone who upholds ANY laws which conflict with original intent of the founding generation
  29. Anyone who upholds statutory laws over the Common law and right of the People
  30. Anyone who attempts to charge another without an injured party in fact, and complaint from same
  31. Government agents of the various agencies, including the DOJ, IRS, FBI, CIA, NSA, TSA, FDA, State Department, and many more that do not do their lawful job to protect the American population
  32. Governments which support Muslim or other "refugees" immigration without full vetting, or who harbor illegal aliens in so-called "sanctuary cities" against standing laws
  33. IRS agency or agents which illegally or unconstitutionally tax the People, or suppress evidence against the IRS
  34. Anyone who claims "wages are lawful income" but does not provide proof of the same, and demands unlawful taxes to be paid
  35. Departments of Revenue of the several States illegally or unconstitutionally taxing the People
  36. Military personnel who violate their oath of office
  37. Anyone who disregards the Constitution and laws of the land, and actively support those that do the same
  38. Banksters/Federal Reserve or Governments pillaging the citizenry using unconstitutional fiat currency such as the Federal Reserve Notes and not lawful money (gold or silver) according to the Constitution (Constitution: Article I, Section 10, Clause 1)
  39. Those involved with illegal and fraudulent foreclosures by mortgage companies, banks and attorneys
  40. Attorneys/Lawyers unlawfully manipulating the system for personal or client gain
  41. Attorneys/Lawyers unlawfully suppressing the original 13th Amendment
  42. Local county assessors unconstitutionally taxing private property
  43. Local County Recorders for unlawful recording of any Notice of Lien from the IRS as an actual lawful lien, when it is simply a "notice" for intimidation purposes
  44. Any bank or other financial institution which responds to a "Notice of Levy" from anyone, against anyone, as an actual lawful Levy, without due process of law and proof of process
  45. Local County Recorders for unlawful manipulation of voting process
  46. Anyone advocating for paperless voting machines or other easily manipulated voting procedures
  47. Corporations or others that suppress alternative energy and other technologies
  48. Corporations or others that collude against the People's right to local self-sufficiency
  49. Corporations and others that consider profits more than the environment
  50. Alleged political organization or environmental or nature groups taking money under questionable pretext and using it to spout liberal/left/political positions which counter the Constitution or standing laws, or damaging a moral society and traditional families.
  51. Those who knowingly and willfully support and promote genetically modified organisms (GMO's) and harmful chemical farming techniques from the likes of Monsanto, Cargill or Bayer, and similar companies who damage life and property for profit
  52. Corporations and others that consider profits more than people and their health
  53. Wealthy individuals and corporations that manipulate politics such as George Soros
  54. Lobbyists bribing politicians and others
  55. Any news agency which exhibits and broadcasts fake, biased and untruthful propaganda for political agenda, which is insurrection
  56. Any Media of any type which suppress people's rights, liberties and that do NOT report the truth or facts that the People should know.
  57. Any Media which work in collusion with any governments or government actors to mislead the People and suppress true evidence
  58. Anyone who suppresses natural health and wellness information and products
  59. Any agency or corporation which colludes against the People's rights in health care and free choice therein
  60. Any aspect of government that prohibits the People's free access to the Grand Jury for investigating governments or any potential corruption
  61. Anyone interfering with the lawful Citizen Grand Jury process, (otherwise known as Jury tampering) which is the 4th Branch of government completely separate from the other three branches of government.
  62. Swat Teams doing no-knock or no-warrant raids in violation of the People's rights
  63. Governments or anyone providing illegal aliens any kind of aid or support
  64. Anyone NOT defending the borders of America from illegal invasion
  65. Corporations and others which deal with Genetically Modified Organisms
  66. Anyone suppressing the People's right to keep and bear general arms and ammo of equal kind to government
  67. Anyone suppressing State's rights and sovereignty
  68. Anyone suppressing the People's rights and sovereignty as creator of ALL government
  69. Anyone advocating free and open abortions, otherwise known as pagan child sacrifice, and murder
  70. Governments or anyone who advocates for fiat currency use (counterfeiting) outside Constitutional parameters for sound money
  71. Any group, company or other that actively incorporates corruption, lawlessness, collusion, coercion or other similar actions contrary to the Constitutions and Rule of Common law
  72. Anyone advocating for human One World Government
  73. Anyone advocating for Agenda 21 or any other globalist or One World Goverment agenda
  74. Anyone advocating for removal of morals and other religious tenets from society
  75. Anyone who is anti-Christianity
  76. Anyone subverting the right of the People to acknowledge, form and maintain organized and unorganized militias to defend themselves and their Republic
  77. Anyone advocating for United Nations control over sovereign America and Americans
  78. Anyone advocating for unconstitutional treaties with other nations or entities
  79. Anyone who suppresses, or fails to reveal, evidence of criminal actions by governments or media or others
  80. Anyone who intentionally, willfully and willingly weakens a society through creating a welfare mentality or need in their neighbor or local area
  81. Anyone who establishes websites with propaganda, lies and fraudulent information contrary to the Constitution and Rule of Common Law
  82. Anyone who supports or demands government controlled public education of America's children outside the Constitution
  83. Any government agency or party which attempts to, wittingly or unwittingly, force any American into a corporate federal citizenship without informed consent
  84. Anyone who resists home schooling rights for any American and their children
  85. Anyone who calls someone supporting the laws of the Republic, and the Constitutions, or defending traditional family, society and morals as "extremists".
  86. Anyone who believes governments are above the People, and exist solely to rule over the People, apart from the Constitution
  87. Anyone creating or accepting Executive Orders as laws of the land, or acting under them contrary to the Constitution and rules for lawmaking
  88. Anyone supporting anti-constitutionalist groups like the Democrat party, liberal/left groups, etc., in violation of constitutional parameters
  89. Anyone advocating for the militarization of the local Police and Sheriff's departments
  90. Anyone advocating for martial law against Americans and against the Constitution
  91. Anyone building FEMA internment camps for law-abiding Americans
  92. Anyone advocating for, or promoting, unconstitutional Congressionally-undeclared wars against other nations
  93. Any private or public agency, corporation or group which engages in anti-American positions to control, subvert, manipulate or otherwise attempt to unlawfully control American governments or politicians
  94. Any corporations or others employing former US Military Special Ops-type people to be used against Americans unlawfully
  95. Any person interfering with the citizen's petit jury, to prevent a fully informed jury and who attempts to tamper with the rights of any jurist or defendant
  96. Any person or organization which attacks patriot groups such as Judicial Watch, Oath Keepers, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, Fully Informed Jury Association, the Tenth Amendment Center, and others which uphold the Rule of Law and American Constitutions
  97. Police or Sheriff Deputies who lie in wait (predators) for motorist to issue penalties for doing no harm, acting as revenue agents for the State or County
  98. Anyone involved with child porn, pedophilia or the child sex trade practices
  99. Anyone who is Muslim/Islamic that is here and involved with plotting the destruction of America, and who murders another or condones the murder of another
  100. Anyone who stirs up racial hatred and condones terrorist groups like Antifa, etc
  101. Anyone promoting, supporting or condoning false flag events such as school shootings, 911, OK City bombing, and other deep state actions, including crisis actors who deliberately deceive the public
  102. Deep state and swamp actors who plot to destroy the American republic or any other sovereign nation and its people on earth

Educate yourself on the matrix and threats we all face from those evil powers in high places... ignorance will destroy humanity.

If you have suggestions as to who to add to this list to help wake people up to our tyrannical government, please email "listsuggestions at domesticterroristlist dot org"