American Domestic Terrorist Enemy List


If you want to actually DO something to reveal these domestic terrorists and their agenda, please visit and SUPPORT the following groups that are actively fighting these terrorists and taking back liberties we all have been deprived of! If you have more that are defending our liberties, including media, please provide their contact website, or have them Contact us.

Liberty Zone: Do you live in one?

The County Guard: Creating your own local guard group against local government tyranny

Foundation for Truth in Law: Large Document Resource

National Liberty Alliance: Grand Jury Access and defending the People

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer's Association: Calling all true Americans in uniform, or been there...

Oath Keepers: Take an oath guys and gals to defend the Constitution? KEEP IT!

The Tenth Amendment Center: State's rights against Federal Encroachment!

Jury duty and the 4th Branch of Government

Freedom Law School Constitutional training in law

Fear the People: PDF book On restoring America through necessary steps - by

America Again - Join the Team

Hillsdale College Constitutional Classes

Constitutional Finances

Historic documentation of lawful finances

Liberty Classroom: Law, Economics and the Constitution

National Center for Constitutional Studies: Constitutional Training series - learn what you forgot or never knew!

Campaign for liberty-Defending the Constitution and People's rights!

Constitution Club: Join your local club and make changes

If you have suggestions for other constitutional groups to add to this list to help wake people up to our tyrannical government, please email "listsuggestions at domesticterroristlist dot org"